The Prefontaine

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The Prefontaine
1801 University Street, Eugene, Oregon 97403

Completed September 2013

The Prefontaine is a multi-family housing development in Eugene, Oregon. Named in memory of University of Oregon’s international track star, Steve Prefontaine, The Prefontaine sits at the southern edge of the University’s campus. This 20 unit, 5 story apartment complex, provides generous views of Eugene’s southern foothills, McArthur Court, Pioneer Cemetary, and Prefontaine’s stomping ground, Hayward Field. Modern features in the 3 and 4 suite style room designs include: large open communal spaces, state of the art appliances, and large windows. The close proximity to the University of Oregon allows students an easy path to class while the rooftop terrace on top of the structure creates a place for residents to enjoy the views and socialize after a long day at work.