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Dustrud Architecture is an architecture firm based in Eugene, Oregon. Owner and Principal Architect, Paul Dustrud, leads a small team of passionate architectural designers focused on providing designs for clients which respond to the essence and uniqueness of each project. The primary building types Dustrud Architecture has designed are multi-family/multi-use housing and light commercial projects. Many of these large low-rise, 3 to 6 story buildings, also incorporate sustainable LEED certification. Dustrud Architecture’s, The Westgate, a multi-family housing project in Eugene, Oregon, was awarded the first LEED Platinum certification for homes in the entire Pacific Northwest.

Dustrud Architecture is focused on bringing the client’s vision to life. By designing sustainable, inspirational, and energy efficient spaces. Dustrud Architecture will bring the client’s unique vision into a pioneered piece of the physical world.


Dustrud Architecture
1699 Pearl Street, Eugene, Oregon 97401