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730 13th Avenue, Eugene, Oregon 97401

Completed August 2011

Westgate is a sustainable, urban building near the heart of the University of Oregon campus comprised of ground floor retail coupled with 4 floors of contemporary apartment living. A building inspired by classic Art Deco styling married to modern environmental standards. Westgate is the first LEED Platinum Certified Mid-Rise Multi-Family project completed west of the Mississippi River; a significant accomplishment.

Dustrud Architecture was able to combine complex programmatic needs, accessibility, daylighting of interior spaces, passive design, and exceptionally high standards of energy use with a high quality of living to create an unparalleled experience for residents. For residents, this means that utility bills will be extremely low while comfort and indoor air quality will be very high.

The distinctive and sculptural railing on the second floor, designed by Dustrud Architecture, is one feature that the CM/GC model of construction allowed to flourish. In the initial drawings, a generic railing was drawn with the knowledge that something special would be required for such a noteworthy building.Whenever employed, the CM/GC model of construction allows Dustrud Architecture to design to the needs of the building in real time, ultimately producing a design that is integrally attuned to the site and neighborhood in which the project resides.

As the project progressed, Paul Dustrud visited the site frequently, observing the evolution of the building’s exterior. He used that ingrained familiarity with the constructed façade to design a railing that truly spoke to the character of the project rather than relying upon a conceptual drawing composed in the isolation of the design office.